'Really Bad Chess' Gives Users Completely Random Chess Pieces to Play With

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: itunes.apple & theverge
'Really Bad Chess' is a new chess app available for iOS. What separates it from hundreds of other chess apps out there is that it completely restructures chess as players know it -- instead of offering a normal game of chess, or even one of the standard variants like Suicide or Upside-down, Really Bad Chess completely randomizes which pieces each side has for each game.

As one might expect, this process of randomization makes it incredibly difficult for someone who is used to strategizing with a traditional chess board. This is intentional, though, as such a system eliminates the advantage that more experienced players have over neophytes.

The app allows humans to play one another, as well as offering an AI opponent so people can practice and do their best to improve at the random game.