From Illuminated Beer Bottle Decor to Pop Culture Transformations

 - Nov 9, 2014
October was all about Halloween and that can be seen seeping into this collection of November 2014 DIY ideas. With costumes on everyone's minds right now, it is only natural that people will be interested in how they came about, especially those who were particularly crafted. By choosing to make one's Halloween costume by hand, people can get as creative as they want.

From Lauren Conrads elaborate Little Mermaid costume that was made using real sea shells to visually striking paper mask templates that are downloadable and easy to assemble at home, the November 2014 DIY ideas will easily inform people on how to approach their costumes next year. Since many are focused on flattering concepts, these November 2014 DIY costume ideas can easily be used for other times of the year as well.