This Mystique Costume Took Ten Hours to Create

 - Oct 29, 2014
References: reddit & mymodernmet
One woman dedicated ten hours over the course of several days in order to create a Mystique costume that will rival all others this Halloween.

Reddit user drbonedaddy posted a picture of his girlfriend's insane effort, noting that her spandex suit had to be landmarked and painted, a process that took three to four hours on each side, not including drying time. Next, she had to paint her face and apply latex scales to match, which took a few more hours. She even went as far as to dye both her hair (red) and her contacts (yellow) to truly complete the look.

The final costume looks absolutely amazing, and was well worth the time and effort it required. Redditor drbonedaddy accompanied his girlfriend as Gambit, another one of the Marvel X-men.