- Aug 16, 2011
With candid photography and street shots from all over the world dominating the landscape in online photography over the last few years, many are quick to dismiss New York City street shoots as just another unimportant cog in an already overexposed genre. They are wrong.

Each all New York City street shoots carry an aura of Big Apple cool that cannot be duplicated by any photographer not within the city limits. To make matters worse for non-New York street shoots, many of the world's best photographers congregate in Gotham city because of its ample opportunities in the world of fashion photography.

In this collection of New York City street shoots, you will see rooftop shoots that are as dangerous as they are sexy, traffic stopping editorials that confuse drivers and titillate viewers, and skate shoots that are as intriguing as hard to watch without squealing in fear at pivotal moments.

So sit back, relax, and take a trip to the city of big dreams and bigger fashion editorials.

From High-Fashion to Candid Captures, NYC is the Place to Be: