From Illuminated Headpiece Editorials to Neo-Tribal Menswear

 - Jul 31, 2013
The competition amongst magazine retailers to attract new readers is constantly in full force, and these neon-colored editorials are some fierce examples of how magazines are utilizing bold and fluorescent colors to visually attract consumers.

No matter where you happen to be going, the sight of a fluorescent or neon-colored object often ends up either blinding you or capturing your attention towards it. Whether it be the super bright, LED aspect of it or the fact that neon colors are often associated with youthful references such as parties or raves, there's no denying that neon colors are a visually attractive aspect. That's why these bold editorials have utilized these neon colors as a way to stand out amongst the other more subtle spreads.

From steamy swimwear editorials to electric nightlife streetwear looks, these neon-colored editorials will definitely have you stopping to have a closer look.