The 'Club Tropicana' Shoot Showcases Bright and Sandy Beachwear

The latest editorial for Muse Magazine, titled 'Club Tropicana,' features some seriously funky neon swimwear. Starring two striking models, Kiara Kabukuru and Samantha Gradoville, 'Club Tropicana' showcases everything from stark-white yoga fashion to bright, eye-catching, solid-colored bikinis.

The swimwear featured in this editorial all exists solely in a neon color palette, becoming instantly memorable and perfect for hot days at the beach. This atmosphere is enhanced by the photo shoot's setting, which exists entirely against a shockingly bright-blue background, with equally vibrant green foliage resting above the models' heads. Photographer Lacey used a high-exposure setting which, when combined with the stark background, gives a feeling of intense heat to the shoot, almost as if the models were really on a scorchingly hot beach in the middle of summer.

With this editorial, Muse Magazine proves that wearing daring colors can definitely pay off, adding a little sensuality to ordinary trips to the beach.