The '2 Future 4 U' Editorial is Galactic and Seductive

The Numéro China # 27 editorial by Stefan Khoo is both sci-fi and seductive! This editorial is called ‘2 Future 4 U’; it’s a fitting name considering the futuristic fashion styles it revolves around.

Here we see colored hair, crazy makeup and interesting accessories that all reinforce the theme. Some of these fantastic future accessories include metallic colored belts, eye-protective wear and glow-in-the-dark apparel.

The fashion seen here seems very much like a futuristic upgrade of a 1980s women’s clothing line. The bright neon colors and shoulder pad appearances scream 80s fashion, but the scandalous midriff and stiff square-shaped blouses are something new entirely.

This editorial is both funky and fun with its short choppy hairstyles, and its bold and colorful approach to distant future fashion.