- Jul 27, 2011
Blast off into space with these NASA-inspired creations, from toys and streetwear to intergalactic offices. With recent news that the July 2011 space shuttle launch would be its last, this is the perfect time to pay tribute to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Futuristic footwear and NASA-colored sneakers provide a discreet and fashionable nod to the explorers, while a custom replica space suit is perfect for early Halloween party planning. The Space Race Museum, inspired by the final space shuttle mission, is an out-of-this-world intergalactic history lesson, showing that it's never too late to check up on your starry-eyed knowledge.

Space travel has fascinated people of all ages for decades, and these NASA-inspired creations make it easy to show your support for the program and astronauts. You'll be over the moon for these fantastic products, as they bring out the intergalactic explorer in everyone.

From Lunar LEGO to Space Explorer Duds: