From Craft Beer Cruises to Educational Mixology Events

 - May 13, 2015
From quirky microbrewery hotels to educational mixology events, there are endless experience-based workshops and packages offering immersive education on almost every kind of niche drink. Whether you are trying to up your wine connesieur game or get a crash course in Canadian whiskey, there are lots of savvy businesses catering to the progression toward educational and experiential boozy experiences.

Wine tastings and winery tours are nothing new, but there are plenty of modern interpretations that put a fresh spin on an old tradition, like snowshoeing or cyclist wine tours that incorporate athleticism and an appreciation for the local scenery.

Similarly, the emergence of craft beer as a dominant contender in the alcohol market has given way to unique educational experiences that serve as an introduction to the subtle flavors and textures contained in a handcrafted, artisanal brew, including a clever craft beer cruise.