- Aug 10, 2011
These mirror image shoots show just why everything is better in twos. Created using twins, lookalikes, mirrors, fragmented photo editing and other such tools, these shoots often involve split personalities, a lot of chemistry and some aesthetically alluring photo editing that is all too trippy.

Reflecting various personalities and looks, these shoots are often thought provoking and interesting, whether they star one model or two. Take a step back and look through this amazing collection of mirror image shoots, but don’t stare for too long or you might get dizzy!

Implications - Computer generation and photo editing allow artists and photographs to play with images and create visually deceptive, yet enticing photographs. Consumers like to explore the seemingly limitless realm of visual possibilities for artists and photographers, and are continuously surprised by the immense capacities of modern technology with regards to art.

From Holographs to Twintography, These Shoots Have You Seeing Double: