Venus Hung Breaks from the Norm in Baccarat Magazine May 2011

Model Venus Hung plays a series of delightfully mischievous twins in this editorial for the Baccarat Magazine May 2011 issue. Photographer Tim Wong captures Wong in a series of poses that range from demure and obedient to jovial, rabble-rousing and sensual.

Stylist Anson Lau picked an array of coordinated pieces for each multiplied shot. In one, four black gown-wearing models point aggressively at a matching group of cream-clad models in various states of undress. Another shot sees Hung in a series of prints and a single color-blocked outfit.

Each photo in the Baccarat Magazine May 2011 editorial features several blended shots of Venus Hung that essentially turn her into an army of twins. One or two poses, however, deviate from the norm, adding visual interest and a cheeky undertone.