From Michelle Obama to Calvin Klein

 - Oct 29, 2008
This morning’s big story is about Michelle Obama, who quipped about buying clothes online on the set of "The Tonight Show" just hours after hearing news about a murder plot white supremacists had staged for her husband. That’s the role of a strong spouse--to console, to comfort and to assuage fear. Michelle Obama has done all of these things during the presidential campaign.

We tend to love the comfort that a good relationship can provide, yet hate the restrictions it places upon our social freedoms. That’s why virtual boyfriends and girlfriends arose: They provide comfort without complications. Michelle Obama came into the political spotlight early in the campaign for her controversial Princeton thesis, but husband Barack Obama has helped to quash public criticism of his wife.

These relationship and marriage innovations celebrate strong couples like Barack and Michelle Obama. They also celebrate the bizarre, unfortunate and silly aspects of coupledom.

From Michelle Obama’s modern powerdressing to seven-year marriage test drives, it’s all here in this cluster.