Michelle Obama Hearts Sarah Palin

 - Oct 10, 2008
References: mcclatchydc
In this extremely dirty and childish election war, it is refreshing to see Michelle Obama conduct a positive, rational interview with CNN’s Larry King.

Not only did the wife of democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama abstain from attacking Sarah Palin, she actually had positive things to say about the governor of Alaska. 

"You know, I’m a mother with kids, and I’ve had a career and I’ve had to juggle," Michelle Obama said on CNN’s Larry King Live.

"She’s doing publicly what so many women are doing on their own privately," she added. "What we’re fighting for is to make sure that all women have the choices that Sarah Palin and I have."

As for her relationship with Cindy McCain, the wife of John McCain, Michelle Obama explained, "We have a very respectful relationship."

Michelle Obama also had good things to say about Sen. Hillary Clinton, her husband’s previous opponent.

"She has been phenomenal. She has always been just cordial and open. I’ve called her, I’ve talked to her. She’s given me advice about the kids."