From Home Rental Matchmaking Apps to Marathon-Centric Hotels

 - May 14, 2016
From home rental matchmaking apps to marathon-centric hotel packages, the May 2016 hospitality trends reveal a clear shift towards more personalized travel. This not only refers to the way consumers are searching for accommodations, but also the kinds of places they are staying in.

One company that is making a strong effort to personalize travel is Airbnb. The company recently updated its app to include a new Matching feature that helps pair travelers with a host that can meet their exact needs. The app also provides dining and attraction recommendations in the form of Guidebooks for a more all-inclusive local traveling experience.

In addition to better search tools, the May 2016 hospitality trends also reveal a shift towards niche lodging options. For instance, the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona recently began offering a special hotel package for guests who are participating in the city's annual marathon. Similarly, an Airbnb bedroom suite was created inside the Rio Olympic Arena so that sports fans can stay close to the action at all times.