From Seductive Beach Photoshoots to Ethereal Pastel Portraits

 - May 5, 2012
These May 2012 Editorials reveal an artistic preoccupation with the changing of seasons. The month of May has been known to conjure up images of the coming summer months, leading men and women to slowly bring out mini skirts, sandals and anything breezy.

The flurry of outdoor activity and general excitement that comes with the month of May is known to spur creativity in the fashion world. Chic photographers have pulled off the springtime buzz with attention to taste and design, apparent by way of these seductive beach photoshoots and ethereal pastel portraits. Bright hues have also been the center of many of these spreads, showcasing models with technicolor tresses and bold mismatched ensembles. The showcasing of resort collections and beach side apparel have been key here, transporting viewers to the sunny scenes they may very well be flocking to.