From Maternity Taxi Services to In-Car Gas Payments

 - Mar 26, 2017
Some of the March 2017 transportation ideas like Bluetooth bus tickets, voice-activated vehicle controls and high-flying ridesharing services might seem like future innovations, but many of these concepts are already in practice.

Across the globe, transportation companies are experimenting with new ways to improve service for passengers. For instance, a taxi company in Japan is now training its drivers to anticipate the needs of pregnant travelers and Uber is now offering full-day ridesharing services in India. One of the most forward-thinking transportation concepts is the Sky2Go drone, which imagines that people would be able to picked up and dropped off without ever having to idle in city traffic.

Some are now speculating that the traditional dashboard may become obsolete, since smart windshields will be able to carry out all of the necessary functions in response to vocal commands.