This Japanese Taxi Service Caters to the Needs of Pregnant Women

The Japanese taxi company KM Taxi company is based in Tokyo and provides a unique service specifically for women. With 'Maternity my Taxi,' women are able to easily get to and from pre-natal doctor's appointments, as well as pre-registered hospital visits at any time of the day or night.

The services offered through my Maternity Taxi are about so much more than just simply transporting a pregnant woman from point A to point B. Drivers have been instructed by midwives to care for their pregnant customers throughout the duration of their travels, and carry towels and waterproof sheets in case a woman's water breaks while she is still in transit.

Maternity My Taxi is just one example of how transportation services are being reinvented around the world with a focus on care for expectant mothers. In the UK, Virgin Trains offers Mum Passes and the Babee on Board app helps pregnant women locate a seat on the London Underground.