- Apr 8, 2013
The Mad Men season premiere that aired last night is reflected in today's top trends. Artist Adam Spizak pays tribute to today's most iconic television characters -- like Don Draper and Walter White -- through beautiful, realistic portraits that incorporate important symbols from the shows.

The season premiere is additionally represented in the Grazia Germany April 2013 featuring model Elena Ivanova who has been made up to look like a secretary straight out of the 60s or 70s. Showcasing huge hair, retro makeup and memorable vintage skirts and dresses, the editorial provides inspiration for anyone looking to incorporate some retro flair in their look.

The future is also present in today's top trends, which spotlight two different types of eco-friendly vehicles including the Poursuivrev and the Detroit Electric SP:01, two vehicles that offer both green-minded and performance attributes.

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From the Mad Men Season Premiere to Eco-Friendly Sports Cars: