These Local Drinks Stress Ingredients and Processing Close to Home

 - Apr 17, 2015
Now that many consumers are making a conscientious effort to consume local drinks and food, brands are using this to their advantage by highlighting ingredients that a particular region is best known for. Hailing from Japan's Aomomi Prefecture, Aomori Garlic Black Beer gets its name from an area that is responsible for producing copious amounts of the unique garlic that is used in this brew. Similarly, Dillon's Distillers from Ontario, Canada is able to experiment with unique gin flavors like strawberry, grape, rose and cherry because it produces such small batches made from crops grown nearby.

While showcasing locally-sourced ingredients, many brands also call out the organic nature of products, since this is a buzzword that many conscious consumers are on the lookout for. As well as using ingredients that are local and organic, the whiskey crafted at Virginia's Catoctin Creek comes from a plant that's entirely solar-powered.