Fashion up in Celebration of Lil' Wayne’s Release from the Hosp

 - Mar 21, 2013
Lil' Wayne’s release from the hospital has caused a huge sigh of relief for many of Wayne’s fans. The self-declared king of rap may cause controversy with his statements and alleged substance abuse issue, but there is no doubt that he is a fashion icon in the rap community.

Rap culture continues to have a large influence on fashion trends. This distinct genre of music undoubtedly showcases eye-catching fashion statements and bold looks to match its tastemakers' personalities. Mainstream rappers like Lil' Wayne have been an inspiration for many street styles and clothing lines over the years.

These rap-inspired lookbooks range from baseball-capped couture shoots to hipster grunge ensembles. The most prominent fashion element of rap and hip-hop are caps and sneakers. They have been integrated into countless outfits and have been re-interpreted to suit bohemian and street-glam looks.