These Ornate and Graphically Bold Fashions Embrace Excess

 - Mar 10, 2013
These kitschy streetwear features range from urban statement tees to kaleidoscopic couture casuals. Embracing an ornate and visually bold aesthetic, these editorials, runway shows and catalogs endorse a ‘more is more’ style motto.

From Spanish designer Roberto Piqueras’ pop culture inspired tees to Jeremy Scott’s digitized prints and stuffed animal adorned garments, these decadent pieces of urban attire are guaranteed to get one noticed.

Inspired by celebrity culture, film characters and other popular culture imagery, these fashion finds catch one’s eye thanks to their their fearlessness and originality.  Whether they are clad in zombie illustrations or donning iconic cartoon character prints, these kitschy streetwear features exude a youthful and edgy air that appeals to fashion risk-takers with an eye for excess and opulence.