- Jul 2, 2015
From digital projections of video games that transform any floor into an immersive activity to interactive games inside hospital walls activated by magnets, there are boundless inspirations when designing a public kids play area for children of young age.

Playful, fruit-inspired furniture are tactile in a way that engages young children, a particularly difficult task especially when someone busy like a galleria or airport gate. When coupled with a floor mat that has been customized to a specific city or neighborhood, kids are also drawn in especially when it relates to themselves. Just two examples, they alone could play a part in communicating to the child that this a play space for them in the midst of a hectic bustling environment.

Additionally, many modern schools and even some retail stores have begun the creation of a sensory-driven play room, where children are easily immersed and often content exploring the various activities.

From Personalized Neighborhood Mats to Collapsible Dollhouse Chairs: