This Polish Kindergarten Classroom Design Focuses on Color & the Senses

 - Jul 4, 2014
References: & archdaily
This bright and dynamic kindergarten classroom design in Chróścice, Poland by PORT architects features different rooms for kids of different ages, putting a focus on letting kids develop their five senses and become increasingly independent.

The Green Room of the school is designed to reflect a natural environment. The space has cubby holes that are like the ones wildlife would burrow in and a grass-like floor that really makes the outdoors feel like it's inside. The Orange Room is similarly designed, except that it is made to assist younger children in their development of the sense of touch, weight and balance.

The room for the oldest group of kids is less focused on one color, but the Purple Room still features a vibrantly colored floor. This more mature room features a mix of open and closed spaces, meant to introduce youth to art and culture.