- Oct 10, 2013
Kid-friendly confections put a spin on the typical sweet snack served at a party or even with a brownbag lunch.

For every holiday, there are many treats you can send your kid to school with to share with the class. For example, bringing cake pops that resemble Frankenstein or giant eyeballs will definitely grab childrens' attention come Halloween. It seems like there are limitless opportunities to make delicious festive treats. If you're already thinking about what to serve your guests during the December holidays, you can't go wrong with reindeer, snowmen and Santa Claus cake pops and cookies.

Finally, if your kids are huge movie fans, they'll absolutely love pops inspired by Harry Potter, cookies inspired by their favorite superheroes and the army of lovable minion cake pops.

From Crime-Fighting Suckers to Wizardly Bite-Sized Desserts: