From Cleverly Compact Lofts to Sculptural Sharing Gifts

 - Jun 27, 2015
The top June 2015 modern trends revealed something important about design: we're favoring the ordinary over the extraordinary, at least in the domestic sphere.

We're currently experiencing the rise of the sharing economy, which, as the name suggests, is a socio-economic model that promotes collective consumption over personal ownership. This sharing economy has translated into several different changes for consumers -- most notably, people are willing to downsize. Design is not only simple (see: minimalism), it's also humble, both in its aesthetic and its execution.

In a lot of ways, consumers are becoming more adventurous, but on the other hand, they're also a lot more practical. The designs included in the top June 2015 modern trends showcased products that are experiential, yet unpretentious, fulfilling two different consumer needs.