This Artist Cuts and Hangs Cow Hides to Pay Tribute to the Once Living Animals

Artist Anneliese Schrenk lined the walls of Circle Culture Gallery in New York with a collection of animal hide art. The collection of artwork is called The Space Between. It is the "artist’s exploration into the phenomenon of skin as the connector and delimiter between all beings, spaces, and things." Black hide is nailed to the surrounding walls of the art gallery with slashes, cuts and holes placed across the hide.

Most of the pieces were made using dry cuft which is cowhide. This particular material is popular in the leather manufacturing industry. Schrenk uses a process of cutting, stretching and manipulating the cowhide with paint, dye, acid and sandpaper.

Schrenk is paying tribute to the once living creature who wore the hide as if she is telling the animals life story through a physical piece of them. By combining painting, sculpture and installation artwork there are many elements that contribute to the overall feel of the hide art display.