The 'Paperbridge' is a Self-Supporting Arch Made from 20,000 Individual Sheets

 - May 18, 2015
References: stevemessam & dezeen
One could more easily believe in the authenticity of this paper bridge in the primary photograph, but as soon as a dog, a couple of children and a full-grown man begin traversing the arch in subsequent images, the observer will begin to wonder from where this structure actually gets its support.

Incredibly, Steve Messam's 'Paperbridge' is, in fact, constructed of mere stacks of pages. Sturdier blocks are made from fixing sets of 1,000 sheets together, and 20 of these are then arranged in sequence to form a stable, load-bearing arch of 20,000 pages in total. Amazing, isn't it?

To give this paper bridge even more of a presence amidst the rural landscape of the UK Lakes District, the artist built it using bright red sheets between the local stone gabions that span the creek below.