Nomadic Gifts' 'The Messenger' is Designed to Be Regifted

 - May 26, 2015
References: nomadicgifts & kickstarter
Inspired by the working pigeons of history, The Messenger by Nomadic Gifts is a high-quality, modern sculpture that combines stylish whimsy with interactive technology for the ultimate gifting experience.

Each Messenger has a unique ID number that can be tagged using an online mapping program or a mobile app. The user will be able to share photos and messages with all of those who have had The Messenger before them and each time it is gifted going forward.

Nomadic Gifts values less stuff and more connecting. Regifting The Messenger is environmentally and socially conscious by nature but more importantly, it is a fun exercise. In what the creator Becky Kent is calling "legacy gifting," by participating in this regifting culture you allow your thoughts, ideas and connections with each other to become the true gift that travels the world -- forever.