- Jun 28, 2015
These June 2015 furniture pieces range from maternal rocking chairs to maze-inspired tables that double as an interactive game in one's living room. As consumers grow vary of environmentally harmful home products, a focus on recycled and reclaimed goods is present within the retail industry.

Standouts include rustic desks that offer hidden clothing and accessory storage along with waste-conscious chairs that are crafted out of a single piece of wood. With the help of modern technology, furniture manufacturers are now able to create eco-friendlier home products that reduce waste and pollution. Furthermore, portable and collapsible furniture solutions are appealing to a millennial market who takes residence in congested urban areas.

When looking further at these June 2015 furniture products, a focus on additive manufacturing is also revealed. From 3D-printed kitchen chairs to botanical bi-product accessories, sophisticated programs make building a furniture piece easier and faster than ever before.

From Maternal Rocking Chairs to Intricate Maze Tables: