Jeremy Scott Designer Footwear is Unforgettable

 - Oct 14, 2012
There's no denying the blatant eccentricity that each pair of Jeremy Scott designer footwear exudes. Scott is notorious for making crazy, loud and bright creations that sometimes feature a stuffed animal (or two.) He has teamed up with Adidas many times to add his own creative spin on the Adidas Originals merchandise.

This collection of shoes is no different. His work features even multicolored sneakers, that look like they were dipped into a vat of swirling ink. He's also made hybrid gladiator sandal sneakers that let your feet be ventilated like a Roman soldier while keeping down with the 'in crowd' by adding the familiar black and white Adidas stripes. If you are one to worry about your shoes getting stolen right off your feet, Scott designed fancy purple sneakers that have an orange shackle to bind them in place.

Jeremy Scott designer footwear is outrageous, but that's what keeps it fresh.