25 Innovative Business Cards To Make You Shine In A Gloomy Economy

 - Jan 29, 2009
Like it or not, your business cards say a lot about you. Do you ever hand them out wrinkled? Are they printed on cheap paper? Or are they on thick, high quality card stock with a logo and slogan you’re proud to pass out?

If you’re someone working in a creative field, does your card reflect that? If you’re a handy man, can clients tell from quickly glancing at your card? This card is about you, it’s who you are… you have a 3.5" x 2" surface to convey your message, and it better be a good one. Need to say more? Then why not go bigger? Or digital? There are no limitations.

This cluster of innovative business cards highlights a few of the best ways we’ve seen to make a stellar first impression. I can tell you, I wouldn’t throw any of these out… at least not before showing them off to a lot of people!