Arigatou Co. Prints on Nuts, Pasta and More

 - Jul 2, 2007
References: tokyomango
A year and half ago, Trend Hunter featured chocolate business cards... Now your options for edible business cards have increased.

Arigatou Co., Ltd., a company that specializes in the sale of laser-etched food products, offers "Taberu Me" edible business cards printed on peanuts. Peanuts are not the only product they print on, you can also use walnuts, cashew nuts, red bean, black bean, grains of rice, and even pasta for your business card. Arigatou uses a high-grade CO2 laser engraver nicknamed "Shiawase-kun," which can etch up to 700 characters per second on hard organic materials. A set of 150 Taberu Me cards costs 5,800 yen (around $50).