- Oct 23, 2013
While hair accessories can be a great way to accessorize an outfit with a subtle yet chic style, these humorous headpieces are offering a more comical approach that eccentric fashionistas will surely appreciate.

Wearing something on your head can become a bold and fierce statement piece, especially if it features an abstract or comically eccentric reference. And these humorous headpieces are offering fashionistas a way to have some fun with these otherwise ordinary accessories. By infusing eclectic references and abstract shapes into the appearance, designers are able to create unique fashion pieces that will surely stand out on anyone who wears it.

From headpieces that look like confectionary desserts and feisty felines to those that resemble predatory sharks, these humorous headpieces will definitely have any adventurous fashionista craving to try them on.

From Unusual Avian Headpieces to Head-Chomping Caps: