From Megan Fox Tatts to Permanent Gaga Tributes

 - Jun 9, 2011
There is something intriguing and invigorating about someone with hot tattoos. The hot tattoos immediately draw an outsider in with a standard mix of visible danger, mystery and sex appeal. The idea of each tattoo representing a very personal back story is part of the reason people get tattoos and also part of the reason the general public (especially those without them) are so interested in tattoos.

In this collection of hot tattoo photoshoots, we travel from celebrities like Megan Fox to men and women with their entire bodies covered to gorgeous punk pin-ups littered in hot tattoo tributes to their forerunners.

A short look through these hot tattoo features and it isn't hard to see what it takes to make a truly hot tattoo -- a confident owner, good lighting and good photographer. Enjoy!