- Dec 4, 2018
With the festive season fast approaching, brands are beginning to steadily release their holiday-themed food activations. With an emphasis on peppermint and gingerbread flavors, the winter months are sure to be cozy and delicious.

Ready-to-bake company Pillsbury started early by releasing its sugary Elf-inspired cookies. With 24 pre-cut treats per box, the snack will prove to be an easy and efficient way for busy adults to conduct a festive cooking session with their children.

Other establishments are taking a more experimental approach to their holiday-themed food activations. Blaze Pizza, for example, debuted its Peppermint S'more Pies, while Peeps boasts gingerbread men made from marshmallows. This is a great example of how brands are appropriating flavors from summer — marshmallows, and using them to add value to holiday-themed food products.

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