The Protein Ball Co. is Launching a Health-Centric Holiday Countdown

Ahead of Christmas this year, The Protein Ball Co. is launching a Protein Ball Advent Calendar that contains all six of its protein ball varieties, plus two new vegan-friendly flavors. Throughout the days of December, consumers will be able to open the healthy advent calendar to discover a different protein ball and an extra surprise on Christmas Day.

Some of the healthy yet indulgent protein ball flavors that the company makes include classic pairings like Apple + Blueberry, Peanut Butter + Jam and Strawberry + Vanilla, as well as superfood-integrated varieties like Hazelnut + Cacao and Goji + Coconut.

The holiday season is known to be a time of consumption and overindulgence, yet advent calendars of this kind have the potential to help consumers partake in the festivities in a moderated, balanced way that won't get in the way of healthy living.