- Mar 16, 2012
Often revered as the master of horror, this spine-tingling storyteller continues to influence pop culture long after his passing in 1980 with these Hitchcock-inspired looks. Though at first glance, the fashion industry doesn’t seem like an appropriate pairing for Sir Hitchcock’s dark and creepy style, a closer look at his life dictates otherwise.

The British film director, producer and sometimes actor’s films are responsible for some of fashion history’s biggest looks. The man practically invented the femme fatale, with many of his films featuring dangerous women serving as companions to outlaws. In one of his biggest, most iconic films ‘The Birds,’ Tippi Hedren rocks an unforgettable, timeless green suit chosen by legendary Hollywood stylist Edith Head. Doppelgangers of the suit soon found their way to runways everywhere and continue to pop up on the fashion blogs of Generations Y and Z.

The Master of Storytelling is Honored on the Runway: