- Sep 8, 2010   Updated: Apr 14 2011
Solar jigsaw buildings and spiral eco-skyscrapers make for jaw-dropping constructions. These high-rise buildings are worth a triple take with their delightfully designed and environmentally conscious ideas and their complex constructions.

The high-rise buildings featured will surely make exciting visits, so all you need to do is find a connection that lives in one.

Implications - Skyscrapers frequently form a city's aerial landscape, economic center and its tourist landmarks. Architects have been increasingly envisioning super-sized high-rise buildings that challenge traditional notions of industrial design. These artistic architectural feats demonstrate a city's technological prowess and eye toward the future. Eco-friendly design features, eye-catching aesthetics and larger-than-life dimensions make these futuristic skyscrapers stand out.

From Curvaceous Condos to Biometric Architecture: