From the Beach to the Bedroom, These Shoots are Funky and Fun

 - Aug 11, 2011
There can be a thing or two learned from these hazy hipster lookbooks. Not only are the fashions desirable, but the photos that capture each of these styles show how fun dressing up can be.

From parties to simply hanging out, these hazy hipster lookbooks sure know how to exemplify spontaneity. Although some of the styles may differ, the main message of these photo shoots is definitely to not take life too seriously.

Take a look through these hazy hipster lookbooks for a break from strict rules and let your hair down for some fun.

Implications - Consumers are attracted to styles that boast aesthetics as well as comfort. Designs that combine these two appeal to shoppers who don't want to sacrifice one for the other. Companies trying to increase their popularity could focus on these two aspects when coming out with new items.