From Fashion to Liqour, These Campaigns Embrace Extravagance

 - May 8, 2012
In the world of advertising and sales, it often makes sense to distract consumers from the price of the promoted product or service; however, when promoting upmarket goods, like those found in a Harvey Nichols store, the goal is to impress upon potential consumers feelings of exclusivity and luxury. As such, money is no object when appealing to this audience.

Consider the campaigns featured here. None of them speak to feelings of thriftiness or frugality. To the contrary, they admit and embrace the extravagances and excesses of the upscale market. From chic fashion to indulgent liquors, nothing can be too good for the Harvey Nichols customer.

This is an important point. Although, price is not terribly important, value is. Many people with means are willing to pay a healthy premium for nice things, but few people are willing to pay more than what something is worth, however big their pocketbooks.