From Intricate Braid Depictions to Basket-Woven Hairdos

 - Apr 13, 2011
Hair braids can be seen everywhere now, and are not just for little kids anymore. Braids can be chic, sophisticated and sexy. Celebs and models are sporting them in all shapes and sizes, which can be seen within this hair-loving collection. Some of the many celebs sporting braids are Anja Rubik, Drew Barrymore, Lauren Conrad and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Hair braids can come in all shapes, sizes and styles such as fabric braids, pigtail braids, tiny braids and cornrows; all of which can be seen when browsing through the featured collection. If you are not sure what hair braids may suit your style best, take a look at the list for some awesome inspiration. Don't give up hope because all hair can be braided--unless you have a buzz cut.