From Sugary Sweet Nightlights to Tormented Candy Photos

 - Jul 9, 2012
These gummy bear innovations highlight how popular the gelatinous candy has become.

Adorably and recognizably boasting a semi-sheer colorful look, these chewy treats have become iconic, beating out similar products like gummy worms. While some innovations related to the edibles capitalize on their cuteness, like night lights and jewelry including the bears, others seek to scandalize the kid-friendly goodies. One of the most tempting creations using gummy bears is the appropriation of these candies as a vessel for vodka and rum. Incredibly absorbent, these teeny candies can act as a surprisingly effective means of alcoholic indulgence.

Available in a slew of hues and likely to stick around for years to come, these classic candies aren't going anywhere, and will be integrated into a huge variety of innovations to come.