From Fruity Gluten-Free Snacks to Homemade Quinoa Bars

 - Mar 16, 2015
Gluten-free foods are in abundance, especially when it comes to guilt-free snacking in-between meals and to top up on protein and energy before a workout.

Considered by some to be a passing food fad, the gluten-free lifestyle is often not a choice, but instead a natural reaction that occurs when the body struggles to break down gluten after years of overeating it.

From quinoa-infused protein bars to crispy homemade kale chips, there are plenty of helpful healthy recipes that are cheap to make and easy to transport, making it easier to resist the less-than-healthy options that sit temptingly at most cashier checkouts.

Planning ahead is an easy and cost-effective method of incorporating gluten-free snacks into your diet.