From Inked Oil Paintings to Tattooed USBs

 - Dec 11, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
Tattoos are slowly moving from the fringes of society, to the mainstream. With so many people sporting them, the question that lingers is how do you decide what to get the tattoo freak in your life this holiday season?

The 38 Gifts for Tattoo Freaks should help, from Inked Oil Paintings to Tattooed USBs, something here is bound to catch your eye.

Implications - The popularity of tattoos has helped many individuals look at the industry in a more positive light. Nowadays, many consumers are inspired to express themselves with body art, but many can't bring themselves to do it due to the expenses and the pain attached to this medium. As a solution, brands can take this form of artistry and apply it to their products so that other consumers can enjoy tattoos without undergoing the needle.