From Interactive Galaxy Visualizers to Galaxy Inspired Shawls

 - Nov 27, 2012
The intrigue in the galaxy inspired craze can be attributed to the universes ominous and unknown presence. This vast and expansive area of the earth, not even fully understood by astronomers, contain star systems, star clusters, and different types of interstellar clouds.

Whether you are interested in the sciencific makeup of the galaxy or are more interested in the visually captivating imagery that leaves you in awe, this toplist comes equipped with an amalgam of topics to suit every need.

With its mystery comes intrigue for many as to what exactly lies beyond our earthly home. The interactive galaxy visualizer by Google is the perfect place to go to explore and get a more in depth understanding of the galaxy. Its beauty creates inspiration for both the fashion and arts, which has created a plethora of garments as well as painting, which have taken influence from the cosmos.