Rebecca Roe Creates Collages Blending Retro Photos and Images of Space

 - Apr 7, 2012
References: society6 & lacarpa.tumblr
Both outer space and the mid-1900s are highly romanticized in mainstream culture, which is probably why artist Rebecca Roe has decided to pair the two things in her series of highly nostalgic collages. Obviously, the two things aren’t entirely compatible in a physical sense, but Rue manages to create compositions that embrace the odd coupling to produce images that are surreal in addition to being comforting. The overall viewing experience of Rue’s work is so euphoria-inducing that these works are best described as "drug-like."

Among the vintage cosmic collages that Rebecca Roe has produced are an infant sleeping on top of the planet Saturn, a group of tourists walking about a desert-like terrain with a galaxy in the background, a group of women sightseeing on the moon and a girl poking at a star using her index finger.