Hilarious, Weird and Plain Useless Presents

 - Dec 7, 2008
Have you been practicing your "this-is-the-worst-present-ever-but-I-love-you-so-I’ll-pretend-to-like-it" smile? You know you’ll have to break it out soon, just a few more weeks to go until Christmas!

What if, for example, someone gives you a beer phone? Umm, does anyone use a landline anymore? And if they do, are they the demographic that would want a Budweiser handset? And what about the luxury gold-plated staples? The fake Yellow Pages booster seat is another one I just don’t get (save your money, be eco, and use a real phone book!) And don’t even get me started on the Croc cell phone case (check out this article.) I’m really not sure why someone would think these items would bring joy in the first place, but hey, I guess if these items exist, someone must want them, right?

To get help you perfect your polite, fake excited smile, we’ve put together a ‘worst case scenario’ cluster of the silliest, strangest, most peculiar, and plain useless gifts we hope we never end up with.