- Jan 21, 2008
References: youtube
Have someone far away that you miss? Get a MooMoo.

The silly little cow gadget lights up in different colours, and a mooing sound comes out of the computer when someone sends a signal to your MooMoo. While there was no product page to be found, the video seems to show that users can transit a signal via the internet that triggers the cow to light up and emit the sound.

It's pretty cute, actually, as silly as it is. Imagine sitting at your desk, stressing out a little, your mind absorbed in the hectic frenzy of your day-to-day tasks, when suddenly your cow starts mooing at you and flashing happy colours. Suddenly you would know that at that very second, someone has you on their mind.

As long as you're not given a MooMoo by an obsessive boyfriend who feels the need to constantly remind you he's dreaming of you, it could be cute... but I think the line is very thin.