From Concierge Partnership Apps to SMS Lunch Services

 - Apr 27, 2015
While online ordering isn't exactly a brand new innovation, there are plenty of unique ventures that are looking to push the boundaries of traditional food delivery apps. From SMS lunch services to concierge-grocer partnerships that enable fun chauffeured shopping trips, there are plenty of ways in which apps are using special deals or technological advances as a marketable asset.

A great example of assessing a business idea and brainstorming what other possible opportunities it may create, Ressy is a food service app that hones in on local last minute discounts, so that in addition to searching for something delicious nearby, it will also be at a special price.

Additionally, social platforms are able to make a foray into services normally offered by food delivery apps like when Foursquare partnered with GrubHub, offering the unique opportunity to place an order when a user checks in at a location.