Toronto's Gob is a Service That Lets You Order Lunch by Text Message

 - Jan 17, 2015
References: omgob & blogto
Gob is a new service out of Toronto that makes it so that you can have lunch delivered to you after sending a simple text message.

Partnered with several local restaurants, Gob makes it so that you can order meals like roasted pork shoulder wraps, falafel boxes, seaweed salads and burritos. From each of these restaurants, Gob is careful to provide an option that will appeal to meat-eaters, as well as vegetarians. The service works like this: first thing in the morning, you'll receive a text about that day's featured restaurant and meal options. From there, you have about a window of about a few hours to place your order simply by responding whether you'd like food choice "A" (the meat-eater option) or "B" (the vegetarian-friendly option). Then, at lunchtime, the meal is delivered to your building.